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About Thom Monahan, founder of The Life Purpose Center of Montgomery

My story is built around this promise: You and I will not have a conversation without you having an epiphany.

As an Instant Resolution Specialist and Executive Coach, this is my bedrock. I could tell you that I dragged it up from the river myself, but the truth is that it was given to me in my DNA.

I’m wired to help people notice their own magic. I can only recognize this now because it took me a long while to notice my own.

Growing up the oldest son of four children, with an American father and a Japanese mother, I had feet in worlds that I didn’t fully understand. Even as I was being raised very deliberately in Western culture (my mom chose not to teach us Japanese because she wanted us to be American), I absorbed many lessons about traditional Japanese values, like honor. I learned from my mom that you don’t lose face by demonstrating something in public until you have perfected it. Ultimately, this paralyzes you and causes you to question whether or not you are good enough. I know now that you need failure to grow, and that if you refuse to put yourself in a position where you can fail, you don’t grow. It was unintentional mixed message of my youth, because of course, my mom wanted me to succeed. But it was a valuable early lesson in the power of culture.

My father was a general manager of various supper clubs, and I worked for him as a bus boy. I loved that environment of serving other people, of interacting with people, and of providing the things that made them happy and made them smile. My dad had a golden work ethic, and he demanded more of me, too. I wound up inheriting a big chunk of that doggedness. But it has played out in my life in a much different way.

After high school, I took some college classes and worked in various fields. I sold insurance, cars, vacuum cleaners, and copiers—all with great success. I worked for a while in marketing communications, building a sports marketing division for an advertising agency. I also worked in employee benefits, where I learned the day-to-day realities of employee engagement and conflict resolution.

I was always searching for “the thing.” And in everything I did, I was a classic ADD-type: a sprinter, a fast starter, a quick study. I leapt into things, built them, and then burned out. It’s how I was wired. No one really understood how to manage me. Instead, they took advantage of my energy: they used my ideas, but didn’t show me how to move beyond the 100-meter dash to the marathon.

On paper, jumping from one thing to the next might look unfocused. But in every endeavor, I was sharply focused on being the mentor for others that I never had. I was sharply focused on helping people notice things about themselves, and use that knowledge to do what they were meant to do. I saw what that did for people in their lives and in their job—how it energized and liberated them.

I was already a coach in practice, but not yet in name. So in 2005, I got certified as a coach through the Life Purpose Institute of San Diego, and opened The Life Purpose Center of Montgomery in 2006. I also got certified as a Dream Manager through Matthew Kelley’s program, and became a Licensed Practitioner with Insights Discovery as well.

My focus is small- to medium-sized companies who are struggling with conflict resolution and employee engagement. I’m in the business of breakthroughs, and they vary in size, from the breakthroughs that change the dynamic of one conversation to the breakthroughs that begin to transform a company’s culture. I’ve worked with many of my clients for years. But I’m also like an emergency room on-the-go for companies who need immediate help with conflict resolution.

I go to meet clients where they are, but my home base is The Life Purpose Center of Montgomery, located just a few blocks from my house. My wife and I have five grown children, and are very involved in our local community. I’ve never had a client I didn’t love, and every day, I have the same answer to the question, how are you doing?: “It’s the best day of my life. More importantly, how are you?”

Please contact us anytime to talk more about the exciting services we provide. 
7872 Cooper Rd
Montgomery, OH 45242
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